A Brief Safety Plan

  1. Gather all important papers for yourself and your children
  2. Try to set aside some extra cash, checkbook, savings account or credit cards
  3. Hide an extra set of car and house keys in a safe place
  4. Pack a suitcase or bag containing essential clothing and medications
  5. Plan ahead where you could go for safety in an emergency and how you would get there.
  6. If danger is imminent, leave at once! Try to take your suitcase and other items, don't risk your safety
  7. Talk with your children regarding safety. Teach them how to dial 911
  8. If your phone has a redial function, be sure to clear it if you call a hotline.

Modern-Day Safety Planning

Trust Your Instincts, Plan for Safety, Use a Safer Computer, Create a New Email Account, Check Your Cell Phone Settings, Change Passwords and Pin Numbers, Minimize Use of Cordless Phone or Baby Monitors